Clear your chest

There's one place we often overlook during spring cleaning - the medicine chest. Do you have pill bottles in there so old that you can't read the labels? You should make it a habit to check expiry dates and dispose of all expired medications or those that show signs of breaking down. Just like food, drugs do spoil over time. Aspirin and acetaminophen tablets that have expired may smell of vinegar. Liquid medicines may become discoloured. If you notice that the medication has an unusual smell or appearance, dispose of it safely.

How to dispose of unwanted medications:

Don't throw medications in the garbage! Instead, take them to your local pharmacy for disposal. Many pharmacies have programs where they accept old medications and pay for special waste disposal companies to destroy them safely. Alternatively, check out local community newspapers advertising hazardous waste disposal days organized by your community. You can usually get rid of outdated medications at these events along with unwanted household chemicals like leftover paint and paint thinners.

About Medication Tips