About Osteoporosis: Symptoms and Complications

Osteoporosis itself does not usually cause noticeable symptoms. However, weakened bones that are no longer able to support body weight can break under even slight pressure. Such fractures most commonly occur in the hipbones, wrists, or spine. Hip fractures are more frequent in people over the age of 75 years. Some fractures caused by osteoporosis, such as hairline breaks in the spine, may cause little or no pain and may go unnoticed, even when they show up on an X-ray.

By contrast, spinal crush fractures, where the vertebral column crumbles or collapses, are much more painful and can lead to deformed posture. Another symptom caused by osteoporosis is chronic back pain. This pain can worsen even when you are making small movements such as regular activities around the house, or while coughing, laughing, or sneezing. You may even feel pain when you are standing still.

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