About Cuts And Scrapes: What are the complications associated with cuts and scrapes?

How can you tell if your cut or scrape is healing properly? If you've kept the area clean, the chances of infection are low. Some signs to watch for include:

  • the area becomes red, swollen or warm
  • there is discharge or pus coming from the cut or scrape
  • pain increases
  • a fever sets in

If any of those signs appear, the injury needs a doctor's attention. To keep the infection from spreading, treatment most often consists of an antibiotic ointment or a prescription for oral antibiotics.

Certain people need to take special care if they get cuts or scrapes. These injuries don't heal very easily on some people with diabetes and on people who are taking medications that make the skin very dry and fragile (such as prednisone) or decrease blood clotting (such as warfarin). If you are in any high-risk category, find out what special precautions you should take if you injure yourself.

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