About Laryngitis: Treatment and Prevention

If your laryngitis comes from straining your voice, resting it and breathing in steam will probably ease the pain and inflammation and help you recover. On the other hand, if your laryngitis is a symptom of an infection, it won't go away until the infection clears up. If the laryngitis is caused by bronchitis or another bacterial infection, antibiotics may be needed and corticosteroids prescribed to stop the inflammation. When acid reflux or allergies are the source of irritation, bringing these conditions under control will make you feel better quickly.

Avoiding voice strain and irritants is the best way to prevent simple attacks of laryngitis. If you get a cold or flu and it feels like you are getting laryngitis as well, avoid things that irritate your throat. Remember to pace yourself and try not to talk much. These steps may help to stop your laryngitis in its tracks.

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