About Rhinitis: The Facts

Allergic rhinitis literally means "allergic nose disease": 'rhino' means "to do with the nose" and the ending 'itis' simply refers to disease.

This condition can either be seasonal or year-round. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is also commonly known as "hay fever." In most people, a single allergen - something that triggers an allergy - sets their symptoms off at about the same time each year. Spring attacks are usually due to tree pollen, while grass pollens dominate in the summer and weed pollens in the autumn.

Perennial allergic rhinitis often appears year-round. This condition isn't always caused by an allergy, but it's most common in people with allergies to things that are present all year. Naturally, people who are allergic to house dust mites or to their own pets tend to suffer no matter the season.

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