Tips and Tools: Tips for managing dry skin

  • Baths and showers can cause moisture to be lost from the skin. It is recommended that these activities be limited to once every other day for people with dry skin. The moisture from the skin is lost along with evaporation from the wash water from your skin. Therefore it is important to towel of rapidly and well. Pat the skin dry because rubbing can irritate the skin. Soap can leave a film on the skin, causing it to dry further, so it is also important to rinse thoroughly after washing.
  • Saunas and steam baths should be avoided since perspiration can leach out natural moisturizing factors in the skin.
  • Houses that are kept too warm without being humidified can cause or worsen dry skin. Plants keep moisture in the air, acting like a humidifier. If you keep them watered they can make a big difference in the house environment.
  • After you have patted dry your skin with a towel after your bath or shower, adding a moisturizing body cream can help to prevent dryness. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a good moisturizing cream that doesn't contain any perfumes that might irritate the skin.
  • Avoid using astringents and clarifying lotions on your face. They contain alcohol and may irritate and worsen dry skin conditions.
  • If you have chapped and irritated skin on your hands, wear rubber gloves before washing dishes in hot water containing detergent.
  • Regular exercise helps to increase blood flow of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. This can help your overall health as well as the health and looks of your skin!

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