Tips and Tools: Tips for managing diaper rash

  • Change the baby's diapers frequently (at least every two hours during the day and twice during the night). A soiled diaper allows bacteria and yeast to grow. The contents of a soiled diaper also irritate the skin.
  • Air should be allowed to reach the diaper area. Diapers should not be wrapped too tightly around the baby's bottom, and plastic pants should be avoided. Bacteria and yeast grow more quickly in the moist and warm environment that this creates.
  • When the baby's diaper is soiled, the diaper area should be washed with a mild soap when the diaper is changed. Do not use disposable wipes that contain perfumes. The area should be dried completely, and wiped but not rubbed (to avoid irritation). If possible, the baby should be left without a diaper for several minutes so that the skin can dry completely. Leaving the baby without a diaper for at least 10 minutes between changes can speed up the healing process.
  • Baby powders should be used to prevent diaper rash. They help to keep the area dry and protect against irritation caused by rubbing.
  • Baby powders that contain cornstarch should be avoided since bacteria and yeast can use it as food. Powders that have a talcum base are much better.
  • Diaper rash can be treated with products that contain zinc oxide or silicone. These products protect the skin in the diaper area.
  • Avoid baby products for the diaper area that contain fragrance or colour, as they may be irritating.
  • Diaper rash usually goes away on its own within a week if the causes are eliminated. If diaper rash persists beyond this time, you should take the baby to a doctor.

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